AMC Cancer Fund, also legally known as AMC Cancer Research Center, is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the University of Colorado Cancer Center to support its outstanding programs in cancer prevention, care, education, research and service to the nation.

In January 2013, AMC Cancer Fund will officially change its name to the University of Colorado Cancer Center Fund in order to better align with our mission.  Rest assured we have given much thought to this decision and our relationship with our loyal supporters and donors.  We hope this change further emphasizes our important partnership with the world class University of Colorado Cancer Center. Please check out our new website at!

The University of Colorado Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Rocky Mountain Region, one of only 40 in the country. The impact is significant…Patients diagnosed and treated at CU Cancer Center have higher 5-year survival rates for many cancer types compared with state-wide and national averages.  For more graphs outlining these statistics, click here.

Although AMC has a rich history in the Denver community, it has enjoyed the support of donors and volunteers across the nation.  Our reputation was only enhanced by the affiliation with the University of Colorado Cancer Center in 2005.  We now support the top doctors, scientists, investigators and staff as they collaborate with peers from across the nation and the world – collectively making significant contribution in the science and technology to conquer cancer.

We see a world where we celebrate survival as we move forward with new research and technology.  We see a world when the cancers prevented outnumber the new diagnoses.  We see a world when cancer is only a chronic disease, not a fatal one.  And one day, we believe we will see a world without cancer.

Join us in the journey of making our vision a reality.

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